Monday, September 29, 2014

The Season is Coming

Yes, The season is coming everyone. The Roof of the World, The Peace Destination, Nepal has its perfect season coming for all the tourist to visit here. The Biggest festival of Nepalese People i.e Dashain and Tihar is on the way. Plus on that the expedition and Trekking season is perfect at this time.
On the way we just celebrated the World Tourism Day here in Kathmandu. The best there in the Roof of the World. Tourist here are welcomed with great honor and respect. Welcome to the destination and to the Roof of the World.
We, Peace Himalayan Travel and Tours Pvt. Ltd. organize the travel arrangement for you to be in the roof of the world. Besides that we do not only arrange fro you but also help you in every problems that arises here by the system or without any cause. Since the season is coming we hope each and everyone around the world to come celebrate the great and biggest festival celebrated in the roof of the world.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The problem we contain

Well truly saying, our travel company is a small industry.We organize tours and travel inside the country perfectly. But for the outside like Bhutan and Tibet, we are not so perfect.
Although our company does tours and travel inside the country, we don't have affiliate to IATA. We used to have the Computerized Reservation System (CRS) but through the time, we lost that technology too. On top of that  the medium through which we connect with the travelers and they with us has been down. We lost our website and one of the mail option.
So the only option our company has is by one of the email option and the other option is by visiting the office by yourself and have a face to face chat.
For now, travelers can contact us through facebook and google plus for easy chatting about the travel information needed and arrangements to make.
We are working more and more to progress in service in digital world and physically helping the traveler to enjoy the beautiful holiday in our country Nepal and inside the beautiful nature of Nepal.
Have a safe journey and travel and be careful.


Monday, May 26, 2014

Lets Travel

We are the travel agent as a business. But when the business is done with us you will feel us as a friend. When you are away from your hometown you need someone to trust for your travelling purposes.
We build the trust and help you to feel the travelling experience.

So Travel safe and trust us.